7 Steps to Natural Born Power

Change for the Better

One of the problems with learning a new way to do things is the time it takes to embed the habit in your body so that it becomes intuitive. Many Moving and Martial Artists can laugh at some of the moves and stances they are shown and required to train in. They just don’t seem to have any obvious benefit in normal life – and the argument that that is what they used to be in the old days is great if you are into re-enactment. But is it true?

Structure, Breathing and Movement

Our bodies have a certain limited structure, we can move in certain ways, but the structure, breathing rhythm and movement is very specific to any individual. How can learning the structure, breathing rhythm and movement precisely as another person does it, work for you? Well the answer is, only if you change your structure, breathing rhythm and movement to match what you teacher does. And if they are a completely different body size, or very different personalities – how does that make sense?

Is there a better way of understanding structure, breathing rhythm and movement, by feeling what it should be rather than seeing what it is shown to be?

A Sculpture Waiting To Be Uncovered

I read an article about a famous rock sculptor. When asked how he designed his pieces, he said he didn’t, he just uncovered the art within the piece of rock in front of him. The form was already in the rock and he had the gift of being able to uncover it!

I believe it is the same for all of us. The form is within all of us – you just have to know how to uncover it.

Have you ever watched a video of someone trying to show you a set of techniques? The established top level guy has a presence and flow that can be mesmerising. Many of the less skilled instructors look stilted and out of kilter. There is a good reason why – they have learnt by sight and rote, not by feeling what they need to do.

Fortunately there is a way of learning the presence and flow – and it’s not that difficult.

It does, however, take an open mind and a re-framing of how you train.

Here are the 7 steps:

  1. Have an open mind;
  2. Be willing to learn something that might be contradictory to much of what you have thought to be given;
  3. Accept that proficiency and marketing are different beasts;
  4. Research and understand the structures in your body – how they actually work, and how they generate movement and power;
  5. Train and drill the components of structure and movement by feeling what is right for you – from the ground up.
  6. Understand how your body components interact and operate in an integral fashion.
  7. Understand how to use your structure, breathing rhythm, timing and movement to dictate how others adapt their structure and movement.

If this post strikes a bell, then please do some further research, ask some questions and start ‘uncovering’ your hidden potential.

If you are open minded and willing, all the pointers are in my book and on my website www.naturalbornpower.com

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If you want to change the way you do things, you need to change the way you look at things – naturally!