About Me – The Why?

The Why

I had an unusual childhood. My father was a university lecturer, veterinary advisor, an amateur boxer (in his youth) and a fitness and car fanatic. My mother was a teacher and entrepreneur.

I grew up in an environment where there were pets and cars of every variety imaginable, where holidays were unplanned and usually in an old VW surf bus. I swam most nights in the local pool and regularly went jogging and skiing with my father and one or two of my five siblings.


Coming from this environment, my future was either in the car trade or the life sciences. I was already set on being a ‘lebenskuenstler’ (a person who approaches life with the zest and inspiration of an artist).

I chose to study life sciences; studying Biology, Bio-physics and Computing at University as an undergraduate and then gained a post-graduate research degree in Cybernetic Management (broad-based Systems Analysis)

Focus on Quality of Life

After a lengthy career providing systems solutions in the UK, Switzerland and the US, and as the Technical and Operations Director of a couple of successful retail and b2b e-commerce ‘dot com’ companies, I decided to focus on a better quality of life. Being around my family and kids was far more important to me than being a wage slave.

I setup a consultancy to provide innovative Business-Technical systems know-how to companies that needed to understand where and how to use technology based systems to maximize their advantage in business (now www.innovationinbusiness.co.uk).

My Passion

My passion had also been ignited by the concepts behind Cybernetic Management: the link between systems, success and health.

Moving and Martial Arts

As a keen Martial Artist, studying; Karate, Aikido, Aiki Jujutsu, Qigong, Tai Chi, Bagua and Systema over a period of nearly 45 years, one thing became obvious: most of the Moving and Martial Arts play out at the technical, tactical level. There was little insight into the strategic systems and principles behind the Martial Arts.

I noticed that in the heady and high stress digital businesses I was involved with, most of my peers were over stretched and with little thinking or recovery time. I was able to pace myself far better than them and assumed that the tools and techniques I had learned to cope with and manage high stress levels, were obvious and available to others. They were not and are still not.

I had gleaned these gems from the Martial Arts I had studied and practised. They are available to others who follow similar paths, but not many people study a broad range of martial arts for many years. In fact, that approach to Martial Arts is frowned upon by many Martial Arts teachers: their particular art is ostensibly the best and, in their eyes, should be studied and practised exclusively.

Martial Arts are renowned mostly for their martial aspects, but they also have important health aspects built into them. I decided to analyse, write down and communicate the strategic, systemic health principles behind the Martial and Moving Arts. Hence, the Mindfully Connected approach with Threnergy Mind-models (www.mindfully-connected.com).

Accessible, Proven Health Benefits

These are relatively simple and powerful principles that have been proven over thousands of years to be highly beneficial for your health (especially those from Tai Chi and Qigong). Mindful Connectivity and Threnergy just explain them in ways that are accessible to anyone, not just Martial and Moving Artists that have studied for decades.