Amazing, Fascinating Threnergy Mind-Models

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The Mindfully Connected approach uses the concept of Threnergy mind-models to represent anatomical body constructs. Those body constructs are Anatomy Trains – coherent body structures that work in concert with each other and make your body function effectively. Each Threnergy structure has the same basic properties that can be understood and utilised in the same basic way.

Threnergy stands for the Three Energies that underlie almost everything we do.

Once you open a cupboard door and see what’s inside, you can’t un-see what you have seen in the cupboard.

It is the same with Threnergy – once you have seen and understood the mind-models you’ll not be able to un-see them. They can materially affect the way you do everything!

  • Are they complicated? – No.
  • Will it take a long time for me to learn them? – No.
  • Can they improve my health? – Yes
  • Can they improve my physical capabilities? Yes
  • Can I practise them at home or the office? – Yes
  • Will I have to put some effort in to understand them? Yes.
  • Can they make a meaningful difference to my daily life? – Yes.
  • Are they obvious? – No – that’s why I’ve written a book about them.

The Threnergy mind-models are non-obvious to most people. When I show them to top moving artists and martial artists, I usually get one of three responses:

  • that’s what I do already – but I’ve never seen it explained that way before; or
  • wow – that’s similar to what I do, but explains and fills the gaps; or
  • I don’t need to know that stuff it doesn’t fit within my style.

If you are the latter, then please enjoy what you do. But, if you are more than a little bit curious, why not open the cupboard door!

If you are one of the two other open minded types, a lay person, or a practising moving or martial artist, please also open the door.

This will take your understanding and training to another level.

“This book is quite simply amazing! It shows you how to connect your body and the energies within it for wellbeing, strength, flexibility and power without all the b*****it. It’s fascinating, a must read for all, not just martial artists.”

Neil Webster – Shifu, Chun Ming Dao Martial Arts Association

Open the Cupboard Door

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