Awareness – how aware are you of your internal energy?

Aware of Being Unaware

In my high-tech business career, I have had to interview and deal with many different people of varying skills. There were some very talented individuals and some not so talented. I could almost forgive the ones that deliberately made things up about their capabilities – they were at least aware that they were unaware.

Unaware of Being Unaware

The people I had real difficulties with were the ones who didn’t even know what capabilities they needed or should have – the unaware unaware. I have seen the same sort of thing in the Moving and Martial Arts world. Here, I have included a graphic of the stages of energy movement that I am aware of ( I am also aware that I am unaware of others! ). Be truthful to yourself: Are you aware of these? Do you think it’s all bullsh%t? Or do you realise that there maybe some key, useful skills that you are unaware of and that would be extremely beneficial to you?