Becoming Healthfully A.W.A.R.E

Are you A.W.A.R.E?

It still surprises me that so few people are aware of the natural laws to which they are bound. Society pressures and marketing hype push almost all of us to exercise for body beautiful and get the health benefits as a side-effect. There are things your body needs to function and there are simple ways in which you can help your body function better. The order in which these laws apply is the order in which they kill you first.


Air – or more specifically not enough oxygen and/ or too much CO2. You can last 3 minutes without oxygen before you risk brain damage, followed by death. Three minutes! Anything to improve your oxygen supply and take up, and help your disposal of CO2 is going to be beneficial to you.


Water – clean unpolluted water is vital to your health. 99% of the molecules in your body are water molecules (which is around 70% of your body volume). The latest thinking is that your water needs to be high energy water for health. Do you know how to clean and energise your water? Getting rid of liquid waste is also vital. Ask anyone that has had a severe prostate problem!

Awake/ Sleep

This is next on the list: you can last 7 days without sleep. Sleep is not just not-awake, it is the process by which your body repairs itself, mentally and physically. Sleep deprivation is proven to damage your health. A nap is the afternoon is claimed to be one of the best health cures you can take!


Food, Mineral, Vitamins – You can last around 3 weeks without any food and then you’ll go downhill very fast. The quality of your food dictates a lot about your long term health. Rubbish in – rubbish body! Blockages in your guts will kill you even quicker than that. There are a few famous people that have not survived a twisted gut.


Exercise (Internal) – You can probably last a long time without exercise as most people know it. But without exercising your internal organs and muscles, and the pumping effect this has on all of the above functions, you will deteriorate rapidly. For example, you have no lymph pump in your body. Movement compresses your lymph channels and creates a flow with the aid of valves. Without this pumping, your immune system will be compromised.

Exercise (external) – is actually last on the list. Amazingly, this is the first choice for many when they say them need to get fit and improve their health.

Being healthfully aware will make a significant difference to you healthfulness. You won’t have to do anything dramatic – a 5% improvement in each of your 5 functions should give you a 25% improvement in healthfulness.

What is stopping you? Awareness?

If you realise you need to understand more and want to put the effort in, do have a look at my website.