Better Circulation – Why it’s Good for You and How to Improve it

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Firstly, what is bad circulation? Bad circulation is when blood-flow to parts of your body, mostly your limbs, is restricted. And it’s usually the symptom of other problems.

Since your circulatory system is responsible for distributing blood, nutrients and oxygen to your body and for removing waste by-products, toxins and gases, it’s important that it functions correctly.

Most people become aware of bad circulation when it becomes critical and has pushed blood pressure way too high. But there are some early warning signs, such as cold feet and hands and tingling in your limbs.

In Qigong the whole concept of disease is based on blockages in vital flows around your body. The logic behind this is fairly straightforward: every bit of your body needs to be supplied and serviced to not only maintain it, but also to remove and replace worn out cells. If the channels to those cells are restricted or blocked there’s likely to be a problem.

If you sit for lengthy periods of time, especially in cramped positions, it’s fairly easy to feel the effects. Not only will you get feelings like pins and needles, but also cramps and ‘dead’ feeling limbs if the circulation is cut off. In an airplane this can become critical with the formation of DVTs.

It’s relatively easy to imagine that reduced blood-flow is caused by constriction or restriction of the blood (and other) vessels or channels. Muscle tension causes physical  restrictions and stress causes restrictions hormonally. The hormones reduce blood flow to peripheral parts of the body in order to push it to parts of the body that ostensibly need it for ‘fight-or-flight’ preparation.

The mechanisms for improving circulation therefore, are the ones that relax your muscles, open your channels and reduce stress and the hormone secretions that stress causes.

Threnergy is based on Qigong, amongst other things, and can be incorporated into your daily routines to improve relaxation and reduce stress. By doing a little bit  of exercising and mindfulness throughout the day, the build up of tension and stress can be palpably reduced. Threnergy provides you with the tools to do this.

Questions to ask yourself: How good is my circulation? What is my blood pressure like? How effective am I at relaxing quickly and coping with stressful situations?



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