Body Bows – Excerpt 3

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Threnergy is all about using mindful connectivity to simplify how you can understand your body. Specifically, how to understand about your bio-mechanics, learning how to feel energy movement and how that is useful for power, relaxation, and mindfulness.

By becoming aware of your energy movement you can build in some life-long habits to improve your wellbeing. Once you have embedded these, it will be like when you buy a new car – suddenly everybody seems to be driving a car like yours – and in the case of Threnergy you will see it in everything you do.

In Tai Chi and Qigong there is a well-established concept of bows in the body. In Threnergy this concept is taken further than the traditional five bows to a total of ten Threnergy bows.

The basis of bows in your body is explained very well by the model of Anatomy Trains.

A simply analogy is the compound bow. Made up of a number of components, often including bone and sinew that have the inherent properties that allow you to bend them and store kinetic energy in them.

The bows exist in our bodies, but most of us are largely unaware of how to use them: string them; bend them; combine them; and trigger them. With Threnergy, you will learn how to do just that.

The Threnergy bows are the same as the Threnergy Lines, just flexed.

These bows can be flexed individually and combined together. They can be engaged directly and also engaged by adjacent Threnergy Lines acting on them.

Example bow – the Whole Body Expanding Bow.



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