Bridging Heaven and Earth

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Bridging Heaven and Earth

One of the beauties of learning how to move energy around your body is that you can use it for a multitude of applications and purposes, ranging from stilling your mind to enhancing your martial arts.

Energy Pump

Threnergy models use the concept of three connected points to establish a three mode energy ‘pump’: expansion, relaxation and contraction. Once you have assimilated this form of moving energy,  you can use it to encourage energy flow around your body. For example the microcosmic orbit, using your in-breath to bring energy up your back, around your head and the using the out-breath to push your energy down your front, under your groin and so on. This orbit or cycle is renowned for its simplicity and power for meditating.

Another energy flow application I find fascinating, is what I call, bridging heaven (the sun) and earth. Perhaps surprisingly, that is what the application feels like its doing.


To start with, sit or stand facing the sunshine. Orient your head so that the sun’s energy feels as though it is bathing your your forehead centrally. Feel it warming your body and expanding out from your forehead.

Breath in, and feel your forehead expand, pulling the sun’s energy into your body as you do so. Now, let that energy trickle down the front of your body to your dantien and continue the expansion drawing the sun’s energy into your dantien with your in-breath. As your abdomen expands, it temporarily stores the energy.

Relax, Contract

Now, relax and as you start to gently breathe out, contact your abdomen, letting the energy drop down the back of your legs and into your feet which feel as though they expand as the energy goes into them and, from them, into the ground.


As you finish breathing out, relax and start to breath in again as you repeat the cycle from your head to your feet.

Heaven – You – Earth

After a while you’ll feel that the sun and your forehead, and your feet and the earth are connected, with your body in the middle, acting somehow as a gentle energy pump taking the sun’s energy through you into the ground.


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