Bubbles – Energy Healing

From My Aikido Instructor

One of my great Aikido instructors taught me this technique. And it has served me, and many others, well over the years. It uses the concept of a mind-model to envisage a special type of bubble that fits in and around the inside of your head. This bubble is made from a magic material that can let in sound selectively. It has a switch controlled by specific instructions you give it.

Bubble Mind-model

It lets sound come in through it’s semi-permeable walls and into your head, but the sound is filtered and made to feel low intensity by default.  Your mind is only allowed to listen to the sound to see if it is interesting or important to you. If it’s not, the filter stays in place and effectively blocks the sound from your attention. If, however the sound is of interest or important to you, then the sound is allowed into your head for further investigation. And if necessary, your attention will turn to it and see what is going on. By doing this you can learn to selectively filter most of the sounds going on around you: they may be there, but they are filtered from your attention by your bubble.

Stress Filter

Try it. My bubble is a thick translucent material that I can use for filtering other senses as well.

You can use this approach to filter noise stress (and others) to keep calm and heal yourself.


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