Body Mind Connection #2 – Elliptical Mind Models-2

Elliptical Mind Models #2

Three Energy Orbits

In my last post, I described how you can use the Qigong concept of “no straight lines” to enhance internal energy movement. This involved expanding the microcosmic orbit from a vertical ellipse to a much larger horizontal ellipse. You can use the same mind models to gain finer control and more insight into your energy centres. In this post, we will look at three powerful centres; one in your abdomen (Dantien), one in your chest (mid sternum/ Heart) and one in your head (mid skull/ Amygdala).

These three energy points are not only energy centres (chakras) , but gravity centres that lie at the mid points of their respective energy lines. In this post I’ll introduce them to you, but suffice to say there is a lot more that you can do with these centres other than feel internal energy around them.

If you have practiced the microcosmic orbit, you will be familiar with rotating an energy ball or energy flow around your body.

For each of the three energy centres (abdomen, chest, head) try to imagine an energy ball orbiting around a centre point. For example for your head energy centre, imagine the ball rolling vertically around the inside of your skull, up the back of your head and down the front of your head, just like it’s a small section of the microcosmic orbit. You can use the same vertical rotation with the abdominal center, imagining it is the lower section of the microcosmic orbit. Your chest centre can then be imagined as the centre section of the microcosmic orbit.

Once you have practiced these circular orbits, you can extend then forwards and backward to form extended ellipses much as you did with the complete microcosmic orbit (see diagram). Try rotating each elliptical orbit in turn and then try the complete microcosmic orbit again and feel for the nuances.

Your abdominal orbit can make you feel more rooted, your chest one more emotionally stable and your head orbit greater control over your body-mind.

The head orbit has some very powerful uses which you can try to discover – and I’ll write about them in my next post.


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Micro-movement as a Carrier – Coping with Cold Showers

Micro-Movement as a Carrier – Coping with Cold Showers

I hope you guys liked the posts on Breath as a Carrier and, for those practicing it, that it’s making a difference. Flicking is a way of pumping tissue fluid around your body to not only enhance your immune system, but also to help you do a nerve reset ( a reset here meaning getting out of a rut pattern). And guess what? Flicking uses micro-movement as it’s carrier.

Micro-movement and Flicking

Micro-movement is the internal (mostly) movement within your body and mind. It’s difficult to describe other than a movement within (or along) your body. When you are flicking, try and feel the internal movement as you Flick. Another way of experiencing this is with a whole body Flick.

Whole Body Flick

To do this, stand as relaxed as you can and raise yourself up on your toes – so your heels are well off the ground. Now just drop – with as little resistance as possible. You’ll feel that your body and arms shake and you will probably get some after-shocks (wobbling  ). This should give you a discernible feeling of internal movement. And you can harness this.

Body Shocks

One of the problems when we receive external shocks to our bodies (and minds) is that we ‘freeze’, which has the undesired effect of locking in the energy of the shock. Most people freeze when they get hit or fall, for example.

You can use micro-movement as an energy carrier to dissipate the energy around and even out of your body. A practical use of this is when you are having your WHM cold-shower – the cold water is a shock to your system and a lot of us ‘freeze’ when the cold hits us.

Acceptance and Visualization

What you can do is use micro-movement to move the energy around and out of your body. When I’m having my shower I say thank you to the cold hitting my body (acceptance) and use the direction of water travel to visualize that the cold is traveling down my body, arms and legs and into the ground – i.e. tracking inside and along my body.

Do try it and let me know what you feel!

Wim Hof Method and Energy Shifting Addins for You to Try


I think the Wim Hof Method (WHM) is a great new way of spreading the word about some very old principles that had faded into relative obscurity. Personally, I really like the newfound discipline of combining structured breathing and better oxygenation with the system shock management of cold water showers. Many people get it and can just apply Wim’s approach, but others can’t or they want to try different nuances on his method. Here I will share a couple of ‘addins’ from the work I do on moving energy and explain why.

Structured Breathing

Breath Holding

Moving Mindfulness

Structured Breathing

I’ve read a number of discussion posts from people that find the breathing exercises difficult to master. I’ve outlined this before but here’s a more comprehensive description of, what I call, structured breathing: think of your body as having three ‘organic’ balloons centered 1) in your lower abdomen 2) in your chest (mid sternum level) and 3) in the middle of your head (mid-way between your ears).

Breathing In

When you breathe in, 1) tip the top of your pelvis forward and allow air to ‘inflate’ your lower abdomen, and as this fills-up, 2) allow the next batch of air to inflate your chest ‘balloon’ in 3 dimensions – not just raising your rib-cage. Then, even though you may have taken in most of the air you can, continue to feel that your body is expanding, but this time, 3) focused on your head, allow the sensation of expanding to give you the feeling or air going into and inflating your head. As you do this, let your head tip slightly backwards. Together with the pelvis tilt, this will give you a noticeable arched back and neck – try and keep your eyes horizontal as you do this.

Breathing Out

Now, the breathing-out is essentially the opposite of the breathing-in pattern.  Sigh and relax slowly, then let the balloon in your head contract and your head tip slightly forwards (eyes level). Let the air in the top of your lungs start to come out , followed by the mid-chest balloon contracting and releasing air, and then contract your abdomen as you let the pelvis top tilt backwards. You can practice the pelvis and head movement as being big movements, but after time even small movement will help trigger the movement pattern.

Structured Breathing is an integral part of the Mindfully Connected Method of mind-body energy management.

The next post is this series is: Breath Holding

Finding The Catalyst


In my professional life as a trouble-shooter, I look at the problems I’m presented with and try to find out what the roots of the problems are. Invariably there are one or two things that cause blockages in the system, that have knock-on and cascading effects in the business.  Finding the solutions to those key critical problems and applying them is what I call finding the catalysts.

Outside of work the same is true, there are some simple things I can do that unblock a lot of other things that are causing problems.


On the healthfulness front, a key one of those is Qigong – it is literally in every move you make.  Qigong is a very special catalyst because it focuses on exercising your joints and organs. And as any of us know, if they are causing problems,  the cascade effects can be terrible: a bad knee joint or hip joint can stop you walking, causing all sorts of problems with weight gain and loss of mobility, and a bad heart will severely debilitate you. Something that will be very obvious now that I have mentioned it, is that your brain is also an organ – and it needs nurturing – Mindfulness, Meditation and Spiritual practices are all forms of this nurturing and they are also key parts of Qigong.

Never Too Late

The best time to take action is before problems occur, but unfortunately most of us only realize the damage once it had been done. However, it’s never too late to start doing something to improve your well-being and healthfulness for your body, for your mind, and for your spirituality.

I believe that there are 4 key pillars to maintaining a healthful, joyful existence:

  • aerobic activity
  • good nutrition
  • maintaining flexibility; and
  • utilizing moving energy – aka Qigong.

Putting your initial effort into Qigong will also catalyze a different way of looking at and doing things that should lead to a greater awareness and focus on the other three pillars.

I have been training dozens and dozens of people privately over the last three years and have now decided to open 3 Energies Qigong training to the public for the first time.


If I have sparked your interest, and you want to train – please look here.

All the very best for your healthful, wealthful future.