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You are probably reading this because you want to make a difference, you want to change something in your life that will kick-start you onto a different track; understanding how to get to mindfulness, practising whole-body power exercises or a deeper understanding of how your training actually works.


Are You Going Around in Circles?

By now you have realised that the more traditional ways of doing things aren’t taking you forward as fast as you want to go. The advice or even the training you are getting sometimes seems to be too generic or feels too remote for you and your needs.

One good reason why this is so, is because you aren’t the decision maker, somebody else is deciding things for you and they don’t fit or solve your problems, or your view of how you want to solve your problems. One size doesn’t fit all.


As a professional trouble-shooter I’m not new to solving problems. My passion is ‘tai sabaki’ or body control, which is practised in most of the moving and martial arts. But the hurdles to getting the benefits from such training has made it difficult for many people to get access to them. These should no longer be a barrier for most people: I decided to combine my business skills with my passion and distil the essence of the moving and martial arts down to a few powerful concepts and principles that will give you the majority of the benefits.

So how do you solve your problems?

Firstly, you’ll want to understand, at least broadly, and in commonly used terms, what your problems are. Most people have a fairly good intuitive feel for what is wrong. When you visit the doctors these days they even ask, “so what is it you think your problem is?”. You know far more about yourself than any other individual.

These are some of the problems we regularly come across:


Common Problems

But, I hear you say,it’s too difficult and too late to change my ways and get going!”

Here’s a great ironic expression I heard, “whatever you do, don’t start from here”. In reality, whatever you choose to do you always have to start from here! And it’s not too difficult to change!

You are not alone – there are literally millions of people like you and me out there that need to kick-start a change in their lives for the better. There are normally way too many hurdles to jump before you can change your status-quo and get going. Recognising the hurdles and working your way around them is the next step in kick-starting a change. Here are some of the main hurdles to tackling the common problems we regularly come across:


Hurdles to Overcome

In order to change, we need to remove as many of those hurdles as possible. Make it easy for you to do things naturally, when you feel like it and with something that makes you feel good, makes you feel better.


Removing the Hurdles

A great tip from the business world is not to focus too much on a problem once you have identified it. The best practice is to start looking for tangible, realistic solutions as early as you can – and to focus your efforts on those. This is part of a highly effective approach called Systems Thinking.

Adopting a Systems Thinking approach to solving your problems gives you the choice. The important thing is to understand and decide for yourself what you need to do and get going. Once you have started, it gets easier and easier, but you do have to get started!

It’s important that you have some triggers that kick-start your brain into thinking, “I need to do this – now!”

Note the emphasis on now. Not later, “when I’ve finished what I’m doing”, and lost the desire to do anything, but now!

It’s best to make a notes of what your problems are, what your hurdles are and what you think your solutions are. Write these down in your kick-start journal.




A great way to focus on the solution is to imagine yourself, let’s say within 3 months, talking to a friend that has just got into a lift with you. They take one look at you and say, “my goodness you’re looking good, what is it you have been doing?”.



Find Your Solutions

This is your opportunity to imagine what it is you have done to produce such a remarkable change. This is your solution. You’ll need to be realistic, and this vision of the future you, is integral to your success. Write down what your future you, looks like and the date you are going to achieve the new you.




Now you will want to plan how you are going to achieve your transformation.

And here is another trick from Systems Thinking. Plan backwards from the future you, to now. What are the milestones you will need to have achieved along the way, what is it you will need to have done?

Decide when you are going to start and make your decision!




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