Cymatics and Body Energy

Cymatic Art

Someone asked me why I’m producing cymatic images – images of the effect of sounds on fluids (mostly water). The answer is, that quite simply having studied vibrational energy in the body, I wanted to see what it looked like. Now having taken literally hundreds of cymatic photographs, I know that what is often published as cymatics is the better formed patterns and images. In reality, the very regular patterns do occur but far less often than the semi-regular ones.

There are some very interesting results I have experienced from these less regular patterns. Firstly I find them more artistic than scientific, and therefore more appealing to me. Secondly, the patterns that do develop can often remind me of animals, flowers or sometimes other, man-made objects. And thirdly, I’m starting to see those patterns in the images I see when I close my eyes. Not the ones you get when you look at bright lights, but the other, more mundane, patterns that are invariably there when you close your eyes. I find the implications very interesting: the fluid in the blood vessels and spaces in the eyes must be vibrating at similar frequencies to the cymatic pictures I am taking.

Resonant Frequencies in the Body

Having researched this a little further, I found a table of the resonant frequencies in the body:

… and voila – they are very similar frequencies.

So what? Well once you are aware of things, you can start to look for and understand the implications and uses of resonance and dissonance. I hope that resonates with you – and that will be the subject of future posts!

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