Dissolving Pain and Healing

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I had a very interesting chat on Friday at the Farnham Business Hub about using the Qigong concept of Dissolving to help with healing and reducing pain.

This is the definition of Dissolving from www.qigonghealingarts.org

“- a meditation tool that one can use to help remove energy blockages, where one rests one’s attention on a blockage and views the energetic blockage as ice changing to water and then to vapor. This experience can be illustrated by placing one’s attention on a place of pain or tightness in the body. If you can keep your attention on that pain or tightness, then you will notice that the perception of intensity changes, which can increase and then decreases over time. If you become distracted by thoughts, return your attention to that part of the body where the original perception occurred. Keeping correct body alignments is needed to assist in the dissolving process.”

This was one of the topics that went onto the cutting room floor when I was editing down my book. Notice that there are again three states; solid, fluid and gas which recur over and over again in the Moving and Martial Arts. If anyone is interested in exploring this further, and the description above is not enough, I will include the Threnergy way of doing this in an article here.

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