Here awareness means being able to feel energy movement inside of your body. This isn’t some strange and weird concept. It is real and has valuable uses. The reason many people are not aware of energy movement inside their bodies is too much noise disrupting the finer signals. A prerequisite to awareness is Calmness.

Be More Aware

A lot of people are blissfully un-aware that they are un-aware. It is only after some event triggers them to the fact, that they realise there are not aware. They are not aware of how to manage their minds or stress or what seem to be impossible situations. Others are not aware of their own bodies. Again, when they get to a crunch point they realise they have to do something. The very essence of Threnergy is connecting your mind and body to create or recreate your powerful whole.

body vibration

Everything about us relates to vibrations. Our ability to see is linked to the vibrational frequency of light. Our bodies respond to different vibrations in different ways. And each of us has our own set of resonant frequencies. The eighth level of being Mindfully Connected is how to relate to and make use of our vibrational frequencies.