The End of Back Pain?

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A Better Back

Have you got back pain? You are not alone.

There are thousands of people with recurring back pain. Pain that affects their daily lives, sometimes to such an extent that you can not function properly until the pain subsides. Me being one of them. It can happen at the base of your spine, at the top in your neck or in the middle of your back. But, while the symptoms of the pain may be localised, the cause is invariably associated with the whole of your spine and not just an isolated area (Steven Shafarman – Awareness Heals – ref: 1)

It’s such a common topic of conversation – “how’s your back?”.

Many people just think of their problem as being with their joints, for example the sacroiliac joints, or due to back stiffness, with a real lack of flexibility.

According the Steven Shafarman, the cause is complex and is very much to do with flexibility – not just of your lower back or neck but of the whole of your back from your coccyx to the crown of your head.


Shafarman’s approach is based on the Feldenkrais method which helps release tension and develop flexibility.

Once you get the concept that your back problems are whole back problems, the fix becomes relatively straight-forward: exercise your back regularly and in such a way that all the components of it release and work in synchrony. And the way to do this is to build up the exercises in stages, to get every part moving and then to integrate those movements, repeating the exercises on a regular, if not daily, basis.

Threnergy Visualisation Models

This post is the introduction to a series that will cover; sitting, lying on your front, lying on your back, standing and fluid moving back exercises. I will incorporate Threnergy visualisation models that take these exercises to a whole different level of accessibility and understanding.

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A Better Back – Sitting Exercises Part 1

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