Energy Efficiency – Healing Energy

Running Out Of Energy

This may sound alien to many people but the symptoms of it are ubiquitous. People crave for work-life balance only to find that they can run out of umph just as much at home as in the office. The desired re- energising by shifting work emphasis lasts a little while but then, after a while, all that has shifted is the type of stress.

What many people actually suffer from is running out of energy. There is a line of thought that you only have a certain amount of energy ‘juice’ that you can use effectively during a day. Once you have used it up – it’s gone. If there was a way of conserving this juice, you could do more and do it with more efficiency. I certainly believe there is a way that is not widely understood!

Our bodies are fantastic, complex structures, yet few of us use them well. Because we think so much and can communicate our thoughts, we have taught ourselves to use our bodies in what has turned out to be, bad ways. Look at any animal move and they move with grace and efficiency – look at some people move, and they seem to stagger from one controlled fall to another.

Tired and Worn Out

What has this got to do with feeling tired, you may well ask?

  • If you breathe badly – you will sufferer from oxygen depletion – yawning and tiredness is a signal of this
  • If you don’t drink enough good water you will be dehydrated – it makes you feel drained, tired and constantly thirsty
  • If you don’t sleep well, or enough, during the night – you will be sleep deprived during the day
  • If you eat badly – your body will (eventually) react badly
  • If you rely on carbohydrates and coffee to keep you going, you will need to keep them topped up just to keep you going
  • Bad posture means you are continuously using many muscles to maintain your structure – they will get tired and exhaust you.
  • If your brain is continually active with little rest – it will burn up a lot of your available energy (your brain uses around 20% of your body energy) and your decision making capability will rapidly wane
  • If you don’t use your kinetic energy stores and transfer mechanisms – you will waste or ‘leak’ your energy

For all of the above activities/ points, the effects can be additive and cumulative over time – how you do them is as important as doing them. That requires understanding how your body works and re-learning some of the ways you do things. It is re-learning because we all moved innately and intuitively at some point – we have just lost that ability over the years.

Learning how to use you body’s inbuilt power from the ground up is important. Get it wrong and everything will remain out of sync. Get it right and everything will start working together, giving you more energy, power and relaxation. The effects can be transformational.