Enhancing Mindfulness

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Mind-models for Mindfulness

There is much debate around the use of mind-models in practicing Moving Arts (e.g. Qigong, Tai Chi). The main disadvantage is often expressed as it’s only an approximation – it’s not the real thing. The advantage is that it allows a student to imagine what they are trying to do. They will get a good approximation of what is required and can then enhance that with later learning: it reduces the ‘barrier to entry’.

A major problem with students of any discipline trying to learn something new is frustration. Frustration with not being able to understand and do what is being asked of them. Personally, I have found mind-models extremely useful tools as long as one recognises that they are likely to follow the Pareto principle: the easiest 80% of what’s required takes only 20% of the effort. But learning the difficult 20% then takes 80% of the overall effort.

As a former student of a number of Moving Art disciplines, I have often wondered why people have to learn the difficult bits of an art before learning some of the more useful techniques, when many would benefit from some of the positive aspects of just learning the useful stuff. The answer is: they would then not be learning the art.

However, a collection of the simple useful principles from a number of Moving Arts, are I believe, invaluable in their own right.

With this in mind, I have collected together a rich set of useful principles using mind-models that will help many more people get an interest in the Moving Arts. These are specifically useful for integrating physical awareness with breathing awareness and mindful awarenessMindfulness.

As the old Victor Kiam saying goes, “I liked the shaver so much I bought the company”. And in my case, “I liked the Mindfulness mind-modelling approach so much I wrote a book on it”.

From one reviewer of my manuscript on Mind Models for Mindfulness:

The techniques have worked for me very well to complement the physio sessions I have …  combining this with the mindfulness of your techniques really enhances the effectiveness here… “ Steve T.

The book is now in it’s final draft and will be published soon.

Julian J –  www.threnergy.com

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