Finding The Catalyst


In my professional life as a trouble-shooter, I look at the problems I’m presented with and try to find out what the roots of the problems are. Invariably there are one or two things that cause blockages in the system, that have knock-on and cascading effects in the business.  Finding the solutions to those key critical problems and applying them is what I call finding the catalysts.

Outside of work the same is true, there are some simple things I can do that unblock a lot of other things that are causing problems.


On the healthfulness front, a key one of those is Qigong – it is literally in every move you make.  Qigong is a very special catalyst because it focuses on exercising your joints and organs. And as any of us know, if they are causing problems,  the cascade effects can be terrible: a bad knee joint or hip joint can stop you walking, causing all sorts of problems with weight gain and loss of mobility, and a bad heart will severely debilitate you. Something that will be very obvious now that I have mentioned it, is that your brain is also an organ – and it needs nurturing – Mindfulness, Meditation and Spiritual practices are all forms of this nurturing and they are also key parts of Qigong.

Never Too Late

The best time to take action is before problems occur, but unfortunately most of us only realize the damage once it had been done. However, it’s never too late to start doing something to improve your well-being and healthfulness for your body, for your mind, and for your spirituality.

I believe that there are 4 key pillars to maintaining a healthful, joyful existence:

  • aerobic activity
  • good nutrition
  • maintaining flexibility; and
  • utilizing moving energy – aka Qigong.

Putting your initial effort into Qigong will also catalyze a different way of looking at and doing things that should lead to a greater awareness and focus on the other three pillars.

I have been training dozens and dozens of people privately over the last three years and have now decided to open 3 Energies Qigong training to the public for the first time.


If I have sparked your interest, and you want to train – please look here.

All the very best for your healthful, wealthful future.