Healing Energy – Solutions

Healing Energy Solutions

Most often people only look for solutions to their health problems once they know there is a big problem. This is ‘just-in-time’ fixing – if you are lucky. If you are really unlucky it’s ‘just-too-late’ fixing.  Sadly, a lot of problems come as no real surprise to medical practitioners – the route to having a big health problem is very often a long slow one. So why is this so prevalent? Lack of interest, lack of information, laziness? Maybe, but a biggie is certainly lack of awareness. Many people are beautifully ignorant of the damage they are doing just going about their entrenched daily lives.


Having practiced mindful moving energy for many years, I have deliberately ‘filtered’ the people I teach and train. If they are not aware and open-minded, then I don’t usually bother with them – the process of converting unaware people is a difficult one.


Having undertaken a couple of powerfully received workshops recently, the purpose of this post is to catch a few more people, maybe those that are starting to see that they are on a slippery slope, don’t know what to do, but know they have to do something. There is an expression, “whatever you do don’t start from here”. The reality is – you have to start from somewhere – and that is generally here. Even if your problems are large, it is better to do something about it and for yourself, rather than nothing. I have personally seen a few amazing turn-arounds!

Energy Blockages

In the Qigong world, diseases are thought of as energy blockages. The corollary of that is that healthfulness is flow, circulation, lack of blockages. Do you know how to feel that you have blockages in your body? Can you see that bad circulation will lead to health issues? What circulates around your body? Most people are only really aware of blood circulation, maybe oxygen circulation. There are large number of other life essentials that circulate around your body. Do you know what they are – do you care? You will do – at some stage!

Healthful Awareness

Mindful Connectivity focuses on building your healthful awareness from the ground up: how does you body work and how can you make the essential connections between your body, breathing, mind and spirit?

Healing Posts

As a result of my workshops, I have had a request to publish more about healing. The background knowledge and awareness is necessary, but that can come later. I have now categorised all healing posts for ease of access (just select healing from the category tool bar on the right) and will post a number of new, healing focused blogs over the next few months.

Best, and in Aiki