And Which Healthful Resolutions Will You Be Trying To Achieve This Year?

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– Breathe better
– Stand Better
– Improve Circulation
– Gain more strength
– Walk better
– Sit better
– Feel more connected
– Understand your body better
– Loose weight
– Feel better
– Feel less tired
– Get a better physique
– Think more clearly

Many people will have started the New Year with the same or similar resolutions to the ones they started the last year with – and gave up on because they weren’t sustainable.

Last Year

Are you going to go through the same process again this year? The lack of sustained change can be for many different reasons, but underlying most of these is that you can’t change something if you don’t change how you do it. In other words if you do the same old thing you’ll get the same old results.

Get a New Habit

Effective, sustained change is caused by changing your habits and understanding how changing your habits can benefit you. If you have no interest in how to change things for the better, the likelihood of success is, I’m afraid, not so good.


Take a look at yourself in a long mirror – when you breathe in deeply does your chest heave upward?
Do you feel you have too much fat and too little muscle?
Does your body look connected or more sack of potatoes-ish?
Can you link your breathing with a feeling of wellbeing?
Can you stretch upward with both hands and stand on your toes?
Can you feel any connection between your fingers and your toes when you stretch?
Can you sit of the floor cross-legged and get up without using you arms?


The start of your new journey is self awareness: awareness of your body, your breathing and your mind. If you can’t feel these and don’t have a way of feeling any improvement, how are you going to know when you are improving? Or are you just going to abandon your efforts again because you can’t tell?

The Mindfully Connected approach uses some very simple concepts to introduce you to the feeling of body connectivity with breathing awareness, and the feeling of stretching your mind to give you some great tools for self improvement.

Reward for Effort

It takes effort – in the first instance effort to learn how to change. But once you have learned the fundamentals, you can ingrain them in everything you do. You will create a feeling of interest in your own body and the marvellous capabilities it inherently has!


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