The Most Important Thing In Your Life

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The Most Important Thing In Your Life

I’ll bet that, on reading that title, a fair few of your will have thought, money, a house or a car – something material.

That is one of the problems with our endemic, general lack of awareness as human beings. We are increasingly less aware of what actually matters to our existence.

Air Travel

If you travel on aeroplanes frequently, you’ll invariably have heard, ‘in the event of a drop in cabin pressure the oxygen masks will release – put yours’ on first’. The reason – if you can’t breathe you can’t help anyone or do anything else – nothing!

The Rule of Threes

In the military world there is a set of rules often referred to as the rule of threes: you can last 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food. Here we will address the first point – you can last three minutes without air – specifically the oxygen in the air.

Try holding your breath for a couple of minutes and see what happens – you’ll start to panic and that panic gets worse the longer you hold your breath.

Oxygen Is The Most Important Thing In Your Life

Air is essential. Well oxygenated air is essential. Lack of oxygen causes us to panic – even after a very short while. Yet, few of us will have thought that the single most important thing in our lives is oxygenated air – without it you would not exist.

It doesn’t take much extrapolation to realise that if air is that important to us, how we breathe will have a dramatic effect on our oxygen uptake (and CO2 dissipation). Because we all have in-built panic buttons when there is a lack of oxygen (and too much CO2) we will start to feel edgy and nervous when oxygen levels are reduced. If you haven’t learned how to breathe properly, the chances are that you breathe shallowly and often, which will just about feed you with enough oxygen. Once you get stressed you’ll probably tip into the oxygen depleted zone and start breathing more often or heavily and may start to find it hard to catch your breath.

Breathe Properly

Most of us haven’t just not learned to breathe properly, we have un-learned how to breathe properly. Watch a baby or an infant breathe, and their abdomen moves in and out not their chest. For some reason many of us have lost the ability to perform abdominal breathing. Yet once you re-learn it, it becomes second nature again – and fills you lungs with more air than chest/ rib type breathing does. Additionally you can synchronise your breathing with your structure and movement, expansive movements draw air in and constrictive movements move air out.

I have explained how structured abdominal breathing works to some advance martial arts students and got surprising results. They had never actually learnt effective abdominal breathing – despite believing they had! You can look through some of the reviews on my website and see for yourself.

Your Best Asset Is You

In my book, The Power of Threnergy – I explain exactly how to stand, align your body and breathe simply and effectively. If you want to look after your very best asset – invest in yourself and your ability to breathe properly and effectively.


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