Internal Energy Enhancing and Testing Tools

There are a number of products (with affiliate links on the images) that provide further insight and value to your moving energy practise. I have included a number of these below with an explanation as to why they are so good. If you use the affiliate links I will get a minor payment on each item ordered which will, gratefully, help offset some of the costs of providing this website and posts – and costs you no more. Thank you.

Threnergy Line Strengthening Turntable

These turntables are very useful for not only enhancing the spiral lines in your legs and arms, but are also great for enhancing and strengthening your hip and shoulder bows. Additionally, they are very useful for testing your ability to isolate and feel those individual lines. You should use them in pairs, one for each foot or hand. (please click on images to access amazon affiliate product links)

Body Turntable

Spring Flex Bar

This flex bar is good for understanding how your Threnergy Bows work and also very good for developing both internal and external Arm Spiral Lines

Flex Bar

Mini Trampolene

A mini trampoline is good for testing your ability to move energy internally. With it you should be able to stand with your arms and legs straight and without bending your toes, generate a bouncing movement on the trampoline. This is actually a lot harder to do than it sounds, but is a very effective test of your internal energy capability.

Mini Trampoline

Tanren Uchi

A tanren uchi is a practise tool for developing strength and power in aikido. It is used in conjunction with a suburi wooden sword or ken. In Threnergy it is also a very good test of whole body power. Power is generated from spirals and bows in your body and you can use a tanren uchi to test just how good you are. Hitting the tanren uchi with external power will just create a big reactionary bounce off the tyre. There is no affiliate link here – you will need to make your own tanren uchi – but for advanced power learning it is an invaluable tool.


A Tanren Uchi

Acupressure Massage Tool


This acupressure/ trigger point massage tool is very effective at releasing energy blockages – I thoroughly recommend it: