Internal Yoga

Internal Yoga


Mindful Connectivity and Internal Yoga
Internal Yoga


Every Move You make

The concepts within Mindful Connectivity are ubiquitous: they are in, ‘every breath you take, every move you make, every step you take.’  (The Police – Every Breath You Take). In a sense, they are a form of Internal Yoga that can be applied to anything you like.

Threnergy – Mindful Connectivity

Here, those fundamental principles from Threnergy Mindful Connectivity are emphasised for use in advanced yoga practise:

  • Energy flows better through relaxed muscle rather than tense muscle
  • Relaxed strong poses are better than tense strong poses
  • Structure is dictated by tension rather than compression
  • Strength comes more from tendon strength rather than muscle strength
  • You are always moving even if that movement is only internal
  • Visualisation can enhance a movement or pose
  • Structure is based on Threnergy Lines that can be focused on individually, but they all connect together
  • The same principles of expansion, relaxation, contraction, bowing, and spiralling apply to each and every Threnergy Line and within each and every Yoga pose
  • Structured breathing can enhance established Yoga breathing techniques
  • Your body can connect with your mind in a seamless way – the very same Threnergy visualisation principles that you apply to your body apply to your mind.
  • Threnergy Internal Yoga enables you to focus on every part of your body including each of your organs

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Picture courtesy of: Marion Michele