January Newsetter 2018 – Happy New Year

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We all set out with new plans for 2018, and Threnergy – being Mindfully Connected is no different.

To date, I have published over 130 posts and last year over 1800 people read them. The word is getting out!

This year I hope to published even more interesting posts – and a new book.

I have partnered with a number of top Moving and Martial Artists in Tai Chi, Reiki and Yoga: Threnergy mind models address the very basic movements of exercise, linking your inherent body elements in a powerful new way to give whole body strength, and connected mind and body – Applied Threnergy. Together we will be providing a programme of workshops to take you from simple mind and body awareness all the way through to some amazing ways of enhancing your strength and power generation.

If your aims in 2018 are to enhance your capabilities, whether they are mind body connection or  strength and power generation, or this just interests you please do let me know so we can keep you posted (julianj@threnergy.com).

I am also finishing off my new book – Waves, Whips and Spirals based on the successful workshops we did on these last year. If you’d like to receive early drafts and or/ help with the manuscript reviews – also please do drop me a line.

Good luck and all the best for 2018 and beyond.