Joining the Dots for Fantastic Health Benefits

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As a professional innovator and trouble-shooter I’m ever aware of new ways of looking at things.

I was talking with a Chiropractor friend of mine about some of the Threnergy tests I get people to perform to see how well they can move internal energy.


The test involves standing on a small trampoline and making it bounce – easy, but not if you are not allowed to move your feet, legs, hands or arms in any obvious way! The movement has to come from movement inside your body.

1500% Lymphatic Flow Improvement

While he was trying this, he happened to mention that bouncing on a trampoline can increase lymphatic flow and drainage by 1500%! Why this is so dramatic, is that improved lymphatic drainage has a large effect on improving health and well-being across the board (ref. 1) . It also helps enormously with reducing inflammation (ref. 2). Also, here’s an article I wrote previously on ‘flicking’ to improve lymph flow: Resetting Your Nervous System and Lymphatic System Pumping


So, where does Threnergy and Mindful Connectivity come into this? Apart from the test, you can perform the same sort of energy movement on the ground without a trampoline. All it involves is performing a Threnergy Whole Body Expansion, Relaxation and Contraction rapidly. This will move your internal energy (and fluids) the same way the trampoline does.

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You can vary the way your perform the Whole Body exercise by raising your heels on expansion and dropping them on contraction. If you then focus on different Threnergy Lines and use some as Bows, you can enhance the bounce effects in many different ways.

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ref. 2 – Lymphatic System- How to Make It Strong & Effective – Dr. Axe

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