Knife Throwing – Energy Healing

Knife Throwing and Energy

What has knife throwing got to do with energy healing? If you are standing in-front of them, obviously nothing!

Flicking and Body Pump

By making use of your body bows and waves you can pump energy up, around your body and out of it. The knives are thrown, not by using your arm muscles, but by using whole body, connected power. Flicking is a great way to enhance your lymph flow, and knife throwing just makes it more focused, more powerful and more effective. Click here if you want to read more about flicking.

Additionally there is something very mindful about throwing knives into a wooden block from 5 metres and hearing the resounding thud when they hit home. I can very easily spend half an hour throwing knives – and feel very refreshed and energised after a session. Why not open your mind and try it? If you come for some mindfully connected training, I’ll show you how – if you are interested.

Maybe playing darts is a healthful activity after all?

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