Let’s Bounce!

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Let’s Bounce

Is Annoying

I’ll bet you get annoyed when someone you are sitting with and talking to bounces their foot up and down, perhaps shaking the table you are sitting at. It’s a nervous habit some people have, that is remarkably effective at transferring their nervousness to you! Personally I sometimes want to shout out – ‘stop it!’ and sometimes I just can’t stop myself saying that.

Adrenaline Burning

There is however, a very useful side to this bouncing. I was talking with a friend recently about an up-and-coming talk they are going to give. During our conversation they asked me if I knew any tricks for helping with public speaking.  Many years ago, I was fortunate enough to go on a public speaking course given by a champion public speaker.  One of his tips was leg bouncing: if you are nervous before a speach, it can be  because your adrenaline levels are high – bouncing is a very useful way to ‘burn-up’ your adrenaline.

Bows and Pumps

Given what I now know about bows and body pumps, you can now use this technique far more effectively. If you engage your leg bow and put your weight/ lean slightly on your leg, you can generate a much more effective bounce: your leg bow does precisely what it’s designed to do – it absorbs energy and gives it back as a bounce.  If you link this with some deep abdominal breathing you can calm yourself down very quickly.

Additional Benefits

There are a number of additional befits and enhancements you can get:

  • you are pumping your body, so you will get better circulation and with the abdominal breathing better oxygenation;
  • you can bounce both legs, either simultaneously or one after the other and double up on the effect;
  • you can use this technique standing up; and
  • you can, with practise, get a very high bounce rate – which leads you into the realm of body vibration – a fascinating topic for another post.

Next time you feel nervous or anxious do try this technique. It works!


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