Linking Your Bows and Making Waves

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In the Threnergy world there are some powerful functional elements around your body, called Lines. Each of these Lines operates to a common set of principles.

Elastic Storage

One principle is that every Line can form a Bow – an elastic energy storage structure very much like a Mongolian bow. That, in itself, has been a revelation for many experienced moving and martial arts practitioners I have shown it to. Although each Bow can be thought of as a separate entity, in practice they are all linked, and this gives a quite remarkable phenomenon – waves of Bows. Each Bow has a direct link and effect on it’s adjacent Bows.

Bow Waves

Bow Waves (nothing nautical here) are a method of conjuring up huge power. If you imagine an old William Tell type of cross bow, the power can be ratcheted up in the bow and then released when triggered.

Waves, Whips and Spirals Seminars

Surprisingly perhaps, you can do something very similar in your body: charge a series of Bows and then release them to produce very fast, very smooth elastic power.

I have been conducting a number of Waves, Whips and Spirals Workshops over the past couple of months, and will be publishing a book on the subject. In the mean-time, it would serve you well to read about, understand and practice Threnergy Line Mind-models, as knowledge of them is a prerequisite to understanding Waves, Whips and Spirals.

I’ll be conducting a number of seminars over the next few months. Being familiar with the root concepts will really help boost the level of your Moving and Martial Arts  learning and maximise the benefit you’ll get from the seminars.

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