Linking Mindfulness and Exercise

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I wanted to wake up in the morning and get ready for the day in the bathroom, and even do a little stretching and preparing myself for the day before I got out of bed.

In the bathroom, I wanted to have a shower and do some useful exercise at the same time.

I also wanted to be able to add some useful exercise and mindfulness awareness to my regular walks.

But I couldn’t find anything that suited me: I read a lot of books, I did a lot of training and I chatted to a lot of people but didn’t find anything that would allow me to do exercise ‘snippets’ through out the day rather than taking an hour or two out of the day to do some concerted exercise.

I found a book that talked of two minute mindfulness and I had just been reading a book on forming good habits. Eureka! The penny dropped – find out how to link exercise with mindfulness for a couple of minutes and I would have the solution.

Threnergy – Mind Models for Mindfulness is the result of that realisation: it is the thread that links exercise, breathing and mindfulness together.

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