Magic Threnergy Feedback

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Some lovely feedback from one of my Threnergy workshops – thank you Michael.

“Having spent the last few days digesting the information passed to me by Julian Jaffe, I found that it was delivered in a well thought out and enjoyable way. We were taken on a journey and shown that like walking we know very little about our bodies and how to use them.

For me the 3hrs was too short as I fell in love with the material presented and it gave me the answers to a lot of questions I had about my own system, I believe that if you want to improve your understanding of martial arts and how they work, then should you go and see Julian and learn from one of the best teachers around.

The amazing thing is that Julian’s book has all this information in and it helps you delve deep into the amazing deep world of martial arts.

All in all, I came away from the session on Saturday having learned a lot and discovered more than I thought about very simple actions.”

Michael C.

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