Micro-movement as a Carrier – Coping with Cold Showers

Micro-Movement as a Carrier – Coping with Cold Showers

I hope you guys liked the posts on Breath as a Carrier and, for those practicing it, that it’s making a difference. Flicking is a way of pumping tissue fluid around your body to not only enhance your immune system, but also to help you do a nerve reset ( a reset here meaning getting out of a rut pattern). And guess what? Flicking uses micro-movement as it’s carrier.

Micro-movement and Flicking

Micro-movement is the internal (mostly) movement within your body and mind. It’s difficult to describe other than a movement within (or along) your body. When you are flicking, try and feel the internal movement as you Flick. Another way of experiencing this is with a whole body Flick.

Whole Body Flick

To do this, stand as relaxed as you can and raise yourself up on your toes – so your heels are well off the ground. Now just drop – with as little resistance as possible. You’ll feel that your body and arms shake and you will probably get some after-shocks (wobbling  ). This should give you a discernible feeling of internal movement. And you can harness this.

Body Shocks

One of the problems when we receive external shocks to our bodies (and minds) is that we ‘freeze’, which has the undesired effect of locking in the energy of the shock. Most people freeze when they get hit or fall, for example.

You can use micro-movement as an energy carrier to dissipate the energy around and even out of your body. A practical use of this is when you are having your WHM cold-shower – the cold water is a shock to your system and a lot of us ‘freeze’ when the cold hits us.

Acceptance and Visualization

What you can do is use micro-movement to move the energy around and out of your body. When I’m having my shower I say thank you to the cold hitting my body (acceptance) and use the direction of water travel to visualize that the cold is traveling down my body, arms and legs and into the ground – i.e. tracking inside and along my body.

Do try it and let me know what you feel!