Mindful Memories – Piggy Milk

Piggy Milk

The beauty about mindfulness is you can use it to savour all of your senses – and there a lot more than 5 of them! This morning I found myself reflecting on the taste of dried skimmed milk – aka Piggy Milk. For me it is highly evocative and brings back some treasured moments of my childhood (my wife can’t stand the taste!).

I take a couple of spoons of the re-hydrated stuff most mornings.

Bristol University Veterinary School

The reason I call it Piggy Milk goes back to the days when me and my brothers and sisters would tag along to work with my Dad who was a Veterinary Genetics Lecturer at Langford Place (Bristol University Veterinary School). He was busy doing whatever he did and so we used to run riot around the place. The old farm buildings were used for storage and they had these huge mounds of dried milk piled up for feeding the animals – mostly pigs. Our Dad told us that it was called Piggy Milk and we could eat it.

So we did – we used to jump into the piles of dried milk powder and stuff our faces with it – just as it was presented and with no added water. Whatever went into our faces was minimal compared to what we got on our clothes – we were usually covered from head to foot and had to dust off thoroughly before going home.

Mental Image

So, whenever I eat/ drink Piggy Milk, I always get a mental image of Langford Place and the piggies!

What mindful memories do certain foods or tastes bring you?