On Being Mindfully Connected

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I often get asked what the focus of being mindfully connected is.

It’s difficult to give  a simple answer because being Mindfully Connected is all about what you want to get from being Mindfully Connected.

What I provide is a comprehensive system that takes you from Awareness, through Mindfulness, Whole Body Connection and Power – all the way through to some very heady applications of Vibrational Energy. Learning about this is obviously not a simple or fast process, so I have split Mindful Connectivity up into manageable chunks – things you can chew over at your pace and savour before proceeding to the next one.

I will be changing the way mindfully-connected.com is organised, using it as the umbrella site for a number of more specific mini-sites focusing on the separate chunks of the art. This distinction will also be reflected in the seminars and workshops I will be doing. All of the elements of Mindful Connectivity give very positive enhancements to existing Moving and Martial Arts, and I will be working with top instructors in their respective fields bringing you some radical new perspective on some very old disciplines.

I am pleased to confirm that Michelle Galbraith and I will be announcing a  new Awareness workshop shortly – linking Reiki and Reflexology with Threnergy Mind-Models.

I have pleasure in including a podcast here that explains why Michelle and I are so pleased to be able to work closely together and bring you this workshop. Numbers will be strictly limited. If you are interested, please do let me or Michelle know.