Overview of Threnergy


Threnergy – Mindful Connectivity describes how you can make a set of simple exercises a daily habit that will significantly improve your health and wellbeing. The principles shown will allow you to link your mind and body awareness to practice Mindfulness.

Follows the Pareto principle. Threnergy can be incorporated into almost any exercise you do to make it more effective. It is the combination of three energies using the Pareto 80:20 approach to give maximum benefit for effort. The exercises can be done anywhere and added to any routine.

Gets around common problems with exercising in a gym. Threnergy helps to solve a number of the common health problems many people have through lack of exercise. It also tackles the problems many people have with the normal ways of doing exercise.

The application of Anatomy Trains. Threnergy Lines are founded on modern medical concepts for body structures called Anatomy Trains, traditional Chinese energy movement exercises from Qigong, enhanced isometric stretching and material gleaned over many years of Martial Arts practice. The Threnergy mind-models are simple constructs to provide you with mental pictures that help with the practice of each exercise.

Mindfulness is built in. Threnergy Mindfulness builds on a pattern of the main Threnergy Lines around your body that are intimately linked with your breathing and mental focus to give powerful, structured ways to experience Mindfulness. (link to post)

Body bows. Flexible bows within your body are structures that can be flexed to store energy. The way in which these bows are expanded, relaxed and contracted makes all the difference: they can be expanded or contracted directly and using adjacent Threnergy Lines to provide some powerful effects.

There are ten linear Threnergy bows in your body with eight of them able to store and release significant energy. Six of these bows intersect at their Central Points to form even more powerful compound structures termed crosses. Bows and crosses can be used to great effect to enhance your energy as well as enhancing the path to Mindfulness. (link to post)

Spirals. There are some little known principles for increasing the effectiveness of your circulation which will also help you develop a highly effective form of energy – spiral energy. You will learn how to combine Threnergy expansion and contraction with spiral rolling to create a powerful and useful addition to your Threnergy tool-set.

The Four Pillars, Five Tibetan Rites and Cloud Hands. Threnergy can be applied to any exercise regime. Here it is applied to the Four Pillars exercises from Systema, to the Tibetan Five Rites and to Cloud Hands. By practising regularly, Threnergy can be incorporated into any exercise routine you may care to, whenever and wherever you care to.

In Summary. Threnergy is simple and realistic. It helps you to breathe well and gives you effective structure, movement and strength in a relaxed manner. This helps to improve circulation and give you mindful health and enjoyment. Threnergy is a useful part of the health puzzle. There are a large number of things over and above the physical and mental aspects covered by Threnergy that also have a significant influence on your heath and body effectiveness. I hope that Threnergy acts as a kick-start and catalyst for that wider awareness.