Passing Energy

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One thing about a good holiday is that you can get a lot more thinking time.  And I’ve been doing some thinking!

Moving Your Energy

Moving energy is a concept that some people ‘get’ and other’s think is complete b*llsh%t. However, once you experience it there is no going back: you become tuned in.

Recognising Energy Movement

Recognising moving energy is not always straight-forward. For some people, it is palpably perceived as internal movement; for others a buzzy or tingling sensation. I advocate that as you practice, the feeling you get, gets stronger and stronger and easier and easier to practise.

Joint Expansion

I believe, the key to feeling energy movement is understanding joint expansion. For many it is an entirely new concept. But once understood and felt, provides the route to passing energy.

If you understand joint contraction (i.e. contraction around a joint), you will understand joint relaxation. Joint expansion is the opposite of contraction, it is the use of other muscles around the joint to obtain the feeling of the joint opening-up, and it’s often easier to feel it if you breathe-in at the same time as you try it.

Contraction, Relaxation, Expansion Flow

The flow of contraction, relaxation and expansion in cycles gives the feeling of a pump in action. This is an incredibly useful tool -as described in a prior post, Yin and Yang; Pumping Your Way to Better Health

Passing Energy

Once you have the feeling of joint expansion sussed, you can use it for many things. For example, if you expand your joints in sequence you can get the feeling of a wave passing along that part of your body. If you generate an expansion wave up one leg and then take the wave through your hips over to your other leg you might feel that you are better propagating the wave in the second leg by contracting your joints in sequence in that leg. Practice this a few times and you should get the feeling of a wave going up one leg and down the other. Indeed this gives the feeling of emptying one side and filling the other.

If you practise this a bit and move the wave very fast you will get the feeling of passing energy. Once you have felt this you have discovered the veritable tip of the iceberg: passing energy can be applied to anything you do; to enhance exercise; to get better circulation; to get more power to feel better … anything!

If this has sparked your interest do let me know: and do have a look at my books.


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