Finding The Catalyst

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Trouble-shooter In my professional life as a trouble-shooter, I look at the problems I'm presented with and try to find out what the roots of the problems are. Invariably there are one or two things that cause blockages in the system, that have knock-on and cascading effects in the business.  Finding the solutions to those…
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3 Energies Qigong Classes

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I'm pleased to announce that I have kicked-off the 3 Energies weekly Qigong classes starting on 7th March 2019.  All welcome. For many, 3 Energies Qigong has been transformational - I'm now opening up,  what has been to date, private workshops into the public arena. Please read my reviews here. And signup for the classes…
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Systema Striking

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Systema Striking I'm someone who likes to understand how to practice as much as what to practice. In our club we are fortunate enough to have not just one good instructor, but two. The real bonus is that they do their Systema in slightly different ways - both of which are valid forms of Systema.…
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Systema Reflections

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  Systema Reflections Systema is one of those Martial Arts that is very different from most peoples' perceptions of it. Having practiced it regularly for over 6 years now, I can truly say that it is the discipline that has taught me most about myself. It's been tremendously useful. Reading online discussions, most people's perception…
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Knife Throwing – Energy Healing

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Knife Throwing and Energy What has knife throwing got to do with energy healing? If you are standing in-front of them, obviously nothing! Flicking and Body Pump By making use of your body bows and waves you can pump energy up, around your body and out of it. The knives are thrown, not by using…
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Healing Energy – Solutions

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Healing Energy Solutions Most often people only look for solutions to their health problems once they know there is a big problem. This is 'just-in-time' fixing - if you are lucky. If you are really unlucky it's 'just-too-late' fixing.  Sadly, a lot of problems come as no real surprise to medical practitioners - the route…
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Abdominal Burst Breathing – Keeping Calm and Well Oxygenated

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When you Can't Breathe with Your Chest A couple of weeks ago, I started to get severe breathing difficulties when swimming long distance in open water. The symptoms were a very tight chest and a claustrophobic feeling of my rash vest (thin wet suit top) being very tight, and I started to cough. I realised…
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7 Steps to Natural Born Power

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Have you ever wondered how some smaller people with slight builds seem to be much more powerful than they look? Natural Born Power!
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Mindful Energy, Connection, Flow and Systema – A Reflective View

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We hold regular workshops focusing on the principles behind flowing, structured powerful movement. The principles are useful for any form of exercise or self development but are particularly relevant to the flow and power in Systema. We make a distinction between training (drilling), application and flow, with flow incorporating the principles from both the training…
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F.F.S Wake Up!

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Brutal Ok, this is going to be a bit brutal but here we go. I've seen far too many old friends, colleagues and relations suffer enormously from being unaware. Unaware of Being Unaware Worse still they were unaware that they were unaware. Indestructible Most of us seem to think that our bodies and minds are…
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