qiki – aka quick ki …

Qi Ki - Energy Balls
Qi Ball


Qi Ki – quick ki

Qi Ki – qui ki – why ki?

Qi Ki – key ki – the key to ki

Qi or Chi in Chinese, and Ki in Japanese means life force or life energy. There are multiple aspect of it, but it is the essence that keeps you alive. It is an elusive concept for many. With QiKi  you will learn how to feel energy moving through your body and to harness it for: better circulation; lower blood pressure; better resilience to colds and infections; a feeling of being more grounded; feeling more connected and have more available strength.

QiKi uses the concepts of Threnergy mind-models to describe the feelings you will experience in discovering energy movement. Once you get a grasp of the feelings you will have opened the door into a whole new world of applications and enhancements to movement and everyday life.


QiKi adopts the Pareto principle: you can learn 80% of something with 20% of the effort. But the next 20% takes 80% of the effort. So you will learn about Ki quickly and hopefully get the ‘bug’ to delve deeper.

With the QiKi approach, mindfulness is another form of Ki movement albeit inside you head. The QiKi approach links your Ki movement in your body with your breathe and your mind. You will become mindfully connected!




Mindfully Connected