Sending Yourself into a Microcosmic orbit

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Microcosmic Orbit

The microcosmic orbit is a wonderful tool for relaxation, meditation and stress relief. However, for many that try it, it’s a difficult challenge – one that can be too much to handle.

A Mind-Model

In essence the microcosmic orbit is a mind-model. That is, it’s a way of imagining energy whizzing around in a loop from your head down to and around your groin, and then up your back, around your head and back down the front of your body again.

One way of tackling problems that are seemingly insurmountable, is to break them down into manageable chunks, and this technique is just as useful when learning something new and seemly insurmountable.

With the microcosmic orbit there are five easier chunks that you can break it down into:

1. Feeling energy movement,
2. Identifying energy nodes (points) on your body,
3. Breathing in a structured manner,
4. Linking your breathing with energy movement,
5. Tracing your energy serially around your energy nodes.

Mindful Connectivity

Try breaking the microcosmic orbit down into each of these component parts, and then put them back together one by one. If that doesn’t work for you, or if you want further instruction with some great ways of learning each and every one of these components, please have a trawl through some of the blogs on my site or have a look through my book, The Power of Threnergy – Mindful Connectivity, available for download and on Amazon.

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