SI Joint Relief – Coke, Magnum and Hammer

SI Joint Relief – Coke, Magnum and Hammer

Alternative approaches are often frowned upon, but hey –  when they work they work!

Sacroiliac (SI) Joint pain

In situations where you are in a remote-ish location and don’t have access to normal medical appliances, or facilities you have to be innovative. Yesterday was just one situation – a change in the weather from warm to colder is always a problem for me. Yet I forget most years. If I am cold and bend down at certain angles, I pull my SI Joints out (sprain them) and get some excruciating, incapacitating pain. In former years such a problem would literally put me out of action for weeks, the recovery was slow, pitiful and painful.

Icing with Coke Can

I have a chiropractor friend that advised me to ice the sprain as soon as possible to reduce swelling and aid recovery. With no ice or ice pack available, my wife suggested getting some ice cream from the local shop. She came back with two cans of Coke and two Magnums. So I stuffed the cold cans down the back of my trousers either side of my spine and let them cool the damage down for 15 minutes or so.

The Magnums – well they were superfluous so we ate them! The pain was still there and I had to strap myself up with my wife’s belt and hobble to the car. Back home, I was able to stretch a little and move around very gingerly.

If I had a Hammer

Then I remembered what I had done once on holiday when an SI joint popped out and I needed to drive a long way. So, I got out the camping mallet (rubber hammer) and banged my SI joints gently back into place. The relief was almost instantaneous, I could stand up, and walk around with absolutely no pain.

Warning: I’ve shared this story for amusement rather than recommendation. If you do try this, it is at your own risk and do it gently and progressively – you don’t want to make things worse. If in any doubt get medical advice.