Stress Is Good – If You Manage It

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Notice- Shift-Rewire

This article is very good at introducing the concept of stress being good for you. Not chronic stress, but managed stress. As a Systema practitioner this is not a foreign concept, in fact it is a core concept. This is application of the Notice-Shift-Rewire (NSR) approach.

Being with Stressful Moments Rather Than Avoiding Them

Stress is bad. Ease is good. And mindfulness is about shifting from the former to the later. Or is it? When we began our mindfulness practice, this quickly turned into one of our core beliefs. We were both stressed out and overwhelmed in our lives-searching desperately for some way to find a greater sense of ease and flow.


Notice where your direction is focused, if it is focused. In other words, where do you feel stressed.


Shift your attention to the present moment by bringing your attention to an alternative focus object: your breath, sounds , or internal body sensations.


Rewire by savouring the shift you have made from the initial point of focus, even if it’s pain, to your new centre of focus. This affects you body at the physiological level – and over time re-trains your brain.

My bias is towards the physical movement side of Shifting, while others, particularly in Systema, use the breath approach.

I have long been an advocate of moving energy. Whether this a real shift in energy or a mental trick doesn’t really matter – the end-effect does. By learning to notice an area of stress and/ or pain (energy concentration) you acknowledge it , the art is then to shift that pain from where it manifests itself along a pathway, or pathways, in your body and even out of your body. By doing so, the pain dissipates. You can enhance this effect by adding a pulsing breathing technique to help pump the pain away.

Moving Energy

Learning to move energy, or learning to feel that you are moving energy, is not complicated and is a widely used technique in Reiki and Qigong. I use a joint Expand-Relax-Contract (ERC) model to sensitise your body to the feeling of internal movement – awareness. I then use structured breathing to ensure that, even in a state of panic, you can control your breath.

The wonderful practical side of learning these techniques is that you can dissipate headaches, and stress points or pains at will – all it requires is focus.

I explained this technique to a Reiki practitioner colleague – she loved it!

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