I’m in a Systema State of Mind

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Centred and Calm

I was chatting with a friend and fellow Systema practitioner the other night. After a few drinks, one inevitably becomes a little bit more lucid than normal. So, when he asked me what I felt Systema was, this was my reply, ‘feeling calm and centred as my default state for any of my senses or feelings’.  In other words not being in a state of agitation or lethargy, but being in a mindful, perceptive state.

Systema State of Mind


Systema Training

In Systema training, you slowly but surely change your state for any of your senses from too yin or too yang (too relaxed or too agitated) to just about right – calmness. The wordart diagram above shows a number of different terms for the calm – centred state. You can fill in the blanks for the too yin and too yang states that you’ll find yourself habitually in.

Once you home-in on the sense or feeling you are modifying, it becomes very interesting to check what state you are in and understand how your training progressively re-trains your mind to a default ‘Systema State of Mind’.


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