It’s All About Me!

It’s All About Me!

How many times have you been training, listened to a podcast, watched a video or read an article and the material is interesting but it’s not about you. It’s about the author or the trainer. The purpose of the the article or the training session seems to be more about enhancing their feel good factor, kudos or something else, for them, but not you! That may well be because of the way in which the material is communicated. If the material is all about how the move should look – then it tends to dictate that you need to follow visually and prescriptively what is being demonstrated and articulated.

Beauty and Flow

Very often the way something looks when it is demonstrated belies what is, or should be, going on underneath the surface. Some training videos I’ve seen recently epitomise this. When something is demonstrated well – it looks beautiful, it flows and has that feel about it that says, “that’s good”. When it doesn’t look beautiful and doesn’t flow it can look false, jittery and impractical.

So what is the “secret” to making it all about you, and at the same time making the training relevant and the videos look good?


The answer is – feeling. If it feels good, it probably is, with one big caveat – the feelings must be based of meaningful reference levels for how the move should feel. Now that may sound a little like gobbledygook, but the reality is we have all the parts we need to benefit from feeling and feelings based reference levels.

Body Patterns

Our bodies are actually very well organised and have developed from simple biological patterns. These patterns repeat themselves throughout our bodies.

Once you understand the way one segment of your body feels and works, and how it makes use of reference levels, you can apply the same, or at least very similar, methods to all the other segments of your body. Sound far fetched? Well there is plenty of documented evidence – ranging from how your body is structured (Anatomy Trains), through how your body detects whats going on with biosensors (proprioception), to how your body and mind are intimately linked through neuroplasticity.


Apart from looking better and more beautiful, what are the advantages of feelings based training:

– a better structured, connected body

– better breathing

– enhanced mind body connection

– an increased awareness of spirt

– enhanced, connected power

– better balance

– better, more efficient movement

– a more relaxed body and mind

– enhanced body pumping (circulation and blood pressure)

– empowerment – feeling in-control

Who can benefit?

Anyone with an open mind. This is different!

I have taught professional instructors with decades of practise and witnessed some lovely “eureka” moments when the penny drops for them, and I have taught lay people that have literally jumped for joy when they have discovered what they are truly capable of.

If you want to seriously up your game physically, mentally or spiritually, or if you have any questions, do contact me

I can do one-on-one sessions or group workshops to suit what you need. Instructors and non-instructors welcome.

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Internal Yoga

Internal Yoga


Mindful Connectivity and Internal Yoga
Internal Yoga


Every Move You make

The concepts within Mindful Connectivity are ubiquitous: they are in, ‘every breath you take, every move you make, every step you take.’  (The Police – Every Breath You Take). In a sense, they are a form of Internal Yoga that can be applied to anything you like.

Threnergy – Mindful Connectivity

Here, those fundamental principles from Threnergy Mindful Connectivity are emphasised for use in advanced yoga practise:

  • Energy flows better through relaxed muscle rather than tense muscle
  • Relaxed strong poses are better than tense strong poses
  • Structure is dictated by tension rather than compression
  • Strength comes more from tendon strength rather than muscle strength
  • You are always moving even if that movement is only internal
  • Visualisation can enhance a movement or pose
  • Structure is based on Threnergy Lines that can be focused on individually, but they all connect together
  • The same principles of expansion, relaxation, contraction, bowing, and spiralling apply to each and every Threnergy Line and within each and every Yoga pose
  • Structured breathing can enhance established Yoga breathing techniques
  • Your body can connect with your mind in a seamless way – the very same Threnergy visualisation principles that you apply to your body apply to your mind.
  • Threnergy Internal Yoga enables you to focus on every part of your body including each of your organs

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Picture courtesy of: Marion Michele