The Essence of Threnergy – Excerpt 1

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This is an except from Threnergy – Mindful Connectivity – Quick Start.

Threnergy is all about three energy states:

  • positive, negative and neutral;
  • yin, yang and the infinitesimally small bit between them;
  • hot, cold and ambient;
  • left, right and centre;
  • contracted, expanded and relaxed.

Threnergy exercises are made up from individual cycles that incorporate:

  • A relaxed yet aligned and strong structure or stance
  • Wave like breathing in and out of your abdomen
  • Three nodes or Threnergy Points in a line
  • Expansion – based around three chosen nodes in your body
  • Contraction – based around the same three nodes in your body
  • Relaxation – letting go of tension, i.e. letting go of expansion and letting go of contraction
  • Connection – the feeling of tension lines along the three nodes
  • Synchronised and phased expansion and contraction.

An example of a Threnergy Line – The Whole Body Line and one form of Threnergy Cycle associated with the Line.

Whole Body Threnergy Line – Three Main Points, Head, Centre, Feet










One Threnergy Cycle with One Breathing Cycle

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