The Inspiration Series

The Inspiration Series

Mindfully Connected

With my Mindfully Connected approach, I explain old ways of doing things in a new way. A new paradigm. A new way that is systematic and connected. I thought it would be very useful to collect together the source material and inspiration for Mindful Connectivity. I will be publishing a series of posts that detail these inspirations: the Inspiration Series.

Inspiration #1 – Self Hypnosis

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Working Hard Abroad When I was in my early twenties and working hard out in Basel, Switzerland programming a new Clinical Trials System I had a few problems that made it very difficult for me to sleep. But, I was not going to go down the sleeping pill route. Sleep Problems One of my colleagues…
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If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it

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Why Make Learning So difficult? I struggled for many years trying to interpret what I was being taught, whether it was in Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga or the various Martial Arts I studied. No Book Available There was no methodology or book that I could find that described a better way of learning: all of…
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Inspiration #2 – Sanmi Sangen, the Power of Three

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Move like a beam of light; Fly like lightning, Strike like thunder, Whirl in circles around A stable center. Morihei Ueshiba – The Art of Peace Inspired In life you are either growing or shrinking, staying still is not a realistic option, and when you are inspired enough about your passion, you decide to do…
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Mindful Energy, Connection, Flow and Systema – A Reflective View

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We hold regular workshops focusing on the principles behind flowing, structured powerful movement. The principles are useful for any form of exercise or self development but are particularly relevant to the flow and power in Systema. We make a distinction between training (drilling), application and flow, with flow incorporating the principles from both the training…
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Bubbles – Energy Healing

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From My Aikido Instructor One of my great Aikido instructors taught me this technique. And it has served me, and many others, well over the years. It uses the concept of a mind-model to envisage a special type of bubble that fits in and around the inside of your head. This bubble is made from…
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SI Joint Relief – Coke, Magnum and Hammer

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SI Joint Relief - Coke, Magnum and Hammer Alternative approaches are often frowned upon, but hey -  when they work they work! Sacroiliac (SI) Joint pain In situations where you are in a remote-ish location and don't have access to normal medical appliances, or facilities you have to be innovative. Yesterday was just one situation…
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Systema Reflections

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  Systema Reflections Systema is one of those Martial Arts that is very different from most peoples' perceptions of it. Having practiced it regularly for over 6 years now, I can truly say that it is the discipline that has taught me most about myself. It's been tremendously useful. Reading online discussions, most people's perception…
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Wim Hof Method and Energy Shifting Addins for You to Try

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WHM I think the Wim Hof Method (WHM) is a great new way of spreading the word about some very old principles that had faded into relative obscurity. Personally, I really like the newfound discipline of combining structured breathing and better oxygenation with the system shock management of cold water showers. Many people get it…
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Wim Hof Method – Addin #2

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WHM Addin #2 Following on my from my post on Mindfully Connected structured breathing, here is another simple trick to help with the breathing. Out-Breath Hold My out-breath hold length varies depending on whether I am in the shower or lying down. Lying down I can hold my out-breath after the 3 x 40 structured…
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Your Breath as A Carrier – Part II – MCM Structured Breathing

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Your Breath as A Carrier - Part II - MCM Structured Breathing I'm glad that many people liked the post on 'your breath as a carrier', so I thought you might like some additional tools.The WHM is based on a number of key tenants, of which gaining control over the autonomic nervous system is key.…
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