The Three Big Things for Getting to Mindfulness

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The Three Big Things for Getting to Mindfulness:

Breathing is the first, and most important  – knowing how to do effective abdominal breathing makes a huge difference. Yet most descriptions of abdominal breathing require you to know how to do it. A lot of people don’t, or don’t know how to do it properly.

Body Awareness is, in my view, second. If you already know how to meditate then it’s not going to be so important, but if you don’t, then accessing mindful awareness via body awareness is a whole lot easier and a more intuitive progression. By body awareness, I  mean physical awareness of, and the ability to focus on, one of your senses. The easiest sense to start with is internal movement, or proprioception, but you can focus on any sense you choose.

Mental Focus is number three, and the primary goal of Mindfulness. But again, explaining this in simple terms is difficult for someone if they no experience of it. The key is to link movement in your head with mental focus. Most people can feel movement in their head. Just try asking them to close their eyes and think hard – they’ll feel movement.

Breathing properly, effective Body Awareness and intuitive Mental Focus act as guides to Mindfulness.  The great bit about these Big Things, is that each one on their own has tangible benefits. You can practice them one at a time and build up to the synesthesic effect of all three. That is Mindfulness.

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