Thinking Outside the Box

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Thinking Outside the Box

If you think about something the same way that it has been thought of in the past, you will invariably come up with the same answers as before.

The World is Flat and Time is Immutable

If everyone had continued to think this way, we would still believe the world is flat and time is immutable.

By thinking differently and believing in their thinking, Magellan achieved his global circumnavigation and Einstein developed his theory of relativity. The facts at the time were not what they disagreed with, but the way of thinking was. By going back to basics and rethinking how those basic principles worked, Magellan and Einstein were able to come to some startlingly different conclusions from their predecessors.

Are Qi and Meridians Real?

In the Moving and Martial Arts, people trained for centuries believing in the intangible principles of qi, and meridians, and the newer but traditional physiological constructs of muscles providing all the power by leveraging bones. Ligaments and tendons were generally thought of as just the connectors between muscles and bones and joints.

Accordingly,  much or our training has focused on understanding the traditional concepts of qi and meridians in terms of the separate physiological entities of bone, muscle, tendons, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels – with very little resulting clarity. Some proponents even declared there was no direct physical reference for qi and meridians, they were deemed to be theoretical constructs.

Anatomy Trains are Real

It is only very recently (2008) that anatomical thinking made a major breakthrough. This breakthrough was the concept of Anatomy Trains. The understanding that the body operates, not as a set of separate elements, but as a set of segments that are interlinked, and map very nicely on to body meridians.

Bounce and Understanding

In his book, Bounce, Mathew Syed emphasises that learning, and performance are heavily affected by understanding, and practice based on that understanding.

What we seem to have done in the recent past is to emphasise the importance of muscle way above the other elements of Anatomy Trains.

By understanding how Anatomy Trains work, you get a very different understanding or how we should train for maximum health benefit and power.

Connected Body Segments

In my first book (The Power of Threnergy – Mindful Connectivity) I describe a simplified system for getting to understand the power of your underlying Anatomy Trains. It is based on the principle of connected body segmentation rather than isolated anatomical segmentation.

In my sequel, Waves, Whips and Spirals, I will write about how to use those connected segments of your body to amazing effect. To generate phenomenal power and to enable your body to ‘breathe’.

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