Threnergy Abdominal Breathing – Excerpt 2

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This link gives a fairly typical explanation of how abdominal breathing is explained.

Threnergy Abdominal Breathing is more structured and is a good example of linkage between body structure and breathing. It combines a Threnergy Line, the Lower Torso Line, with abdominal breathing.

If you already practice abdominal breathing, try it a few times the way you would do it normally, or as described above. Then read on.

Firstly, find a nice quiet place to practice and assume a comfortable, aligned body position.

The Lower Torso Line has the following three Threnergy Points:

  • The Central Threnergy Point maps onto your Lower Dantien (lower abdomen – which is about 2 inches below your navel);
  • The Lower Threnergy Point maps onto your PC (CV1 – Huiyin) – the point right in the middle of the underside of your crotch; and
  • The Upper Point onto the Sternum Point at the bottom of your sternum (the Xiphoid process).




Lower Torso Threnergy Line


 Expand your Lower Torso Line down from your abdomen to your PC and up from your abdomen to your sternum

Expand this Threnergy Line by breathing in slowly, expanding the Centre Point and then expanding into the Lower Threnergy Point. You will find this much more effective if, as you expand downward, you also expand your PC backwards in a small arc, something I call flexing. A topic that we will cover in a lot more detail in the chapter on Bows and Flexing.





Vertical Flexing

As you do this, also expand upwards from your Sternum Point.

Then relax.




Contract your Lower Torso Line

Perform Threnergy contraction on the same Line: contracting the Centre Point first, then the Lower Point and then the Upper Point.

As you pull in your Lower Point you will find flexing it forward and inward will significantly enhance the effect.

Try this a few times until you get the feeling of a smooth slow in-breath that flows into a smooth slow out-breath that then flows again into a smooth slow in-breath … and so on.

As you breathe-in, hold your tongue against the roof of your mouth and on the out-breath purse your lips slightly to let the air make a slight noise as it is expelled.

You can make Threnergy Abdominal Breathing feel even more powerful by making your expansion, relaxation and contraction moves larger and slower.

Note that the expansion down creates space in your abdomen and air flows in, and contraction up reduces space and forces air out.

Your stomach muscles should not be tensed at all!

This exercise links breathing with structure and, as you will find out, power: this is one of the most powerful bows in your body!

I hope you find it makes a difference.


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