Threnergy Add-ins

The basic principles and models behind Threnergy are explained in detail in my book, The Power of Threnergy – Mindful Connectivity.

I have also produced a summary book of around 30 pages to get you started as quickly as possible. It is called the Threnergy Kick Starter.

Reading at least the Threnergy Kick Starter is a prerequisite to reading and practising any of the Threnergy Add-ins: they will refer to material in these first two books.

Each Threnergy Add-in provides a significant and detailed technique that will enhance your daily practice.

The Threnergy models are based on simple to understand concepts that allow you to embed some fundamental and powerful principles within your body.

The principles within Threnergy are:

1. There are three states – Expanded, Contracted and Relaxed. Relaxed is the default state;
2. Your body is made up of 10 Primary interconnected structural Lines;
3. For each Line there are three points or nodes: one centre point, and two outer points;
4. Each line can be moved in 3 different ways: Linearly, flexed or spiralled;
5. The Threnergy models are learned and embedded as habits that maximise the benefits they bring;
6. Threnergy works by improving a little bit of everything: breathing, body structure, relaxation and flowing movement;
7. Improving your body efficiency means that you would also be wise to focus on improving the quality of your diet and the water you drink.

All add-ins will be listed here and will be available at low cost.

The first new add-in, Pulsing, is available here.

Pulsing Add-In

I strongly recommend that you read the add-ins in numerical sequence, as they do build upon each other.