The Threnergy Bar Mind-Model

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The Threnergy Bar

The Threnergy Bar Mind-Model is a very simple way of understanding some very powerful concepts for accessing your inner energy and power.

The picture here is of a physical Threnergy Bar Model. It has three balls or nodes on it with a flexible bar that runs between those nodes.

The nodes are capable of simulating many useful ways in which your body works.

Simple Simulation Model

One of the simplest simulations is one of the nodes expanding; central one first followed by the two peripheral nodes expanding outwards and away from each other. As the nodes expand the bar also expands. Likewise all the nodes on the bar can be used to simulate relaxing and returning to their default, steady state.

The nodes and the bar can also be contracted; central node first, followed by the peripheral ones. The bar then simulates contracting with the two outer nodes moving in towards each other.

Anatomy Trains

The Threnergy Bar Mind-model can be used as a simplified model of an Anatomy Train – Arm Line. Imagine the Threnergy Bar mapping onto your arm with the nodes at your wrist, elbow and shoulder joints.

Try expanding that Threnergy Arm Bar (while breathing in), relaxing and then contracting the bar (while breathing out).

After a while you will feel micro-movement in and around those joints as they expand away from each other and then contract into each other.  The Threnergy Arm Line (the bar model) is one of 10 Primary Lines in your body that you can use to uncover some amazing relaxation and power secrets hidden in plain sight within your body.

If this tickles your fancy please read further posts on or consider purchasing a Threnergy book –  here. If you want to hear what other people have to say before you make your mind up, please have a look at the reviews – here!



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