Threnergy and Tai Chi Workshop Epsom 23rd April 2017

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Threnergy and how it works with Tai Chi.

This workshop will explore these two fascinating methods and how they combine, at the Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy Epsom.

New Ways of Visualising Energy Movement

You will uncover new ways and thinking on how to enhance your health, training and power development. To get maximum benefit, please do read up on Threnergy before the workshop. There are Threnergy books on Amazon and on


Most people who have experienced Threnergy and Moving Energy find it transformational!
All abilities and Martial Art styles welcome.
The workshop will be led by Neil Webster and Julian Jaffe.


Anyone already practising Threnergy movements or looking to practise them will find this workshop invaluable as it gives an insight into how mind-models and visualisation can be applied to a traditional Martial Art. And how the benefit of a structured, disciplined approach to energy movement in Tai Chi can give you a defined path for personal development and enlightenment.

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